Laxmi Pujan Vidhi:

Kartik Krishna Amavasya is the laxmi pujan day which is celebrated as deepwali festival in Hindu religion. There are two mythological stories behind worship of godess Laxmi on deepawali. The first one is, Godess Laxmi emerged from Khsirsagar during the samudramanthan and the second story is related to vaman avtar of Lord Vishnu who stayed in Patal Lok as he promised Raja Bali.Godess Laxmi tied Rakhi knot to Raja Bali and asked him for Lord Vishnu’s return to vaikuntha and finally on the day of deepwali Lord Vishnu returned to Vaikuntha. Deepawali pujan is a simple procedure which does not need the knowledge of any karmkand etc.


Preperation of Laxmi Pujan:

Take Bath and wear new clothes suitable for puja. Place the picture of Laxmi and Ganesh on a red cloth. Light 5 deepaks of ghee and rest of either Til or mustard oil. Now place a jal kalash in front of the picture and kesar Chandan milk water in a deep plate with silver coins and jewellery in it. Make the symbol of swastika on water kalash and start with Pujan of ganesha and then Laxmi by applying tilak. Now make a sankalp.



Take Jal(water), Akshat(Rice) and Flower in your right hand and say “I (your name), son of (father’s name), cast, gotra, address calls mata mahalaxmi for Laxmi Pujan on Kartik Krishna Amavasya. Mata Laxmi please accept my Puja and make my family happy healthy, successful and prosperous. Now leave the water of your hand in front of Shree Ganesha and Laxmi.


Step by Step Dev Pujan:

Now one by one start with pujan of Shree Ganesha, Mata Laxmi , Mata Saraswati (Account Books/register/Baheekhata) , Mata Kaali(Inkpot), Dhanadhish Kuber (Tijori/Galla), Tulamaan etc. Offer bhent(Gift),Naivedhya(Food), Mudra(Money), Cloth etc and after puja donate them to needful.


Deepmalika Pujan:

Place 11,21,51,101 or any such number of deepaks in a plate and light them in front of godess laxmi and chant the mantra Om Deepavalye Namah and start puja of deepaks with Mantra “ tvam jyotistvam ravishchandaro vidhugnishch tarakha, Sarvesham jyotisham jyotideepavalyain namo namh. (tvam jyotistvam ravishchandro vidhudgnishch taarkah sarvesha jyotisham jyotirdipavalye namo namah: ||) place santara, eikh, paanifal, dhaan etc in front of these deepaks and then decorate the whole house with Deepak lights.


Aarti and Pushpanjali:

Sing Aarti og ganesha, laxmi and Vishnu and offer flowers and pray for forgiveness for all your faults.



After Puja take akshat(rice) in your hand and with following mantra visarjit all called gods and goddesses by leaving the rice in front of Ganesha and Laxmi.

Yaamtu Devgana sarve pujmaadaya mamkim | ishtkamsamridhdyarthm punragmnaya ch ||



Dont forget to light Deepak in front of temple, tulsi mata and peepal.


Diwali Festival

Happy Diwali